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Selling your car?

At PHILIP IRELAND PERFORMANCE CARS we appreciate that selling your car privately can be a stressful, time-consuming process, not to mention risky!  Our primary aim is to remove this hassle, but crucially without our customers having to forfeit a far higher percentage of their car’s true value.

We sell your car on your behalf in order to achieve its highest potential value; this is accomplished through its presentation and the addition of any necessary enhancements.  A car, for example, may require a full correction detail, in order to make it stand out from similar cars of the same model.

I used Philip Ireland to sell my car which they did highly efficiently as I received £12,000.00 more than the trade-in price I was offered within a matter of weeks – I’d be pleased to recommend their services to anyone.”

Dealerships and garages are universally known for beating customers down on price.

Clever methods of sugarcoating part exchanges, to make an offer appear more attractive, are commonplace. The bottom line is the customer still leaves the dealership with a dramatically reduced price for their car!

This is where we intervene. We sell your car privately because that way you are not subjected to common sales techniques, in particular part exchange, where effectively the more you are offered for your current car, the more you pay for your new car, ultimately leaving you far worse off!

“Your car is worth more than you will have been offered from a dealership, garage or online valuation!”

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