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Vehicle Enhancements - Bespoke Services

At PHILIP IRELAND PERFORMANCE CARS we appreciate that many of our customers want to upgrade and enhance their cars in order to individualise them. Our team of highly qualified experts has been carefully assembled to provide exceptional levels of service through the use of high performance equipment and superior levels of workmanship. Every member of our team has a fundamental passion for cars, thus making each and every project a labour of love that results in the car being enhanced to its optimum level.

Alloy Wheel Services

At PHILIP IRELAND PERFORMANCE CARS we offer the following range of alloy wheel repair processes:

  • THE DIAMOND CUT PROCESS is a premium service that offers the finest finish possible for alloy wheels lifting their appearance to the next level.
  • STANDARD WHEEL REFURBISHMENT restores alloys to their original colour and finish.
  • COLOUR CHANGING gives the option to select any colour or finish whatever specific tastes dictate.  The sky’s the limit!
  • SHADOW CHROME ALLOY WHEEL REFURBISHMENT is a process that involves a high level of skill in its application, which results in alloys gaining the effect of a metal finish in the paint.
  • SPLIT WHEEL RIMS are also catered for.

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Vehicle Facelift Conversions and Custom Interiors

A demand for enhancements to the existing styling and bodywork of performance cars, in particular Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) facelift modifications after existing model upgrades become available, has resulted in hours spent in research, development and refinement of body kits to achieve the upgraded look. PHILIP IRELAND PERFORMANCE CARS have carried out numerous facelift conversions to our clients cars.  Examples of the facelift upgrades we have completed include an Audi R8 V8 into an Audi R8 V10 Plus, a Lamborghini LP-560 into a Lamborghini LP-570 Performante, and a Lamborghini Aventador into a Lamborghini Aventador SV.

If you prefer something unique, acute attention to detail means that every aftermarket body product we offer has been developed to perfectly match and integrate with the original aesthetics of the car.  The result is an upgraded look that enhances the car through styling, technology and aerodynamic performance but without relinquishing its original lines.

We also offer full upgrades to the interior of a car.  In order to personalise and custom build a car to our client’s specification, we offer a range of options using only the finest materials and top of the range in-car entertainment systems.  These are all fitted by only highly specialised craftsmen.

Available options:

  • Genuine OEM and aftermarket exterior body parts
  • Carbon Fibre accessories for exterior and interior
  • Interior upgrades to include upgrading of seats, full leather re-trims, changing of interior components to Carbon Fibre, Polished Aluminium, Grand Piano Black or even leather to match the interior
  • Personalisation such as names or company logos stitched into seat headrests or velour floor mats
  • Full in-car entertainment systems
  • Reversing cameras
  • Parking sensors
  • Bluetooth hands-free kits

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Vehicle Colour Coding

Many modern vehicles often have exposed plastic panels especially on the bumpers, side skirts and pillars which can look unsightly.  Our colour coding service gives you the opportunity to have these areas painted to match the rest of your car, enhancing the overall look, thus giving a more uniform appearance and often creating the illusion of a lower stance.

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Car Body Repairs

Our experience from years in the automotive industry of sub-standard paint jobs on cars prompted our almost fanatical insistence that all body shop repairs carried out by us, are performed according to the very highest manufacturer’s standard and come with a warranty.

The innovative painting techniques our expert professionals utilise, ensure an outstanding colour match and consistency to the existing paintwork.  Consistency of paint not only in colour match and on panel edges is of utmost importance as is the accuracy of panel gaps.  Once paintwork has been completed we always recommend a suitable detailing treatment on the existing panels, in order to retain uniformity throughout the body work and with an aim to produce a result superior to factory finish.

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Vehicle Wraps (Colour Change) / Paint Protection Film

Vehicle Wrapping is a fantastic way of bestowing your car with a whole new look without relinquishing its original one.  In contrast to spray painting, vinyl wrap can be quickly and easily removed to revert back to the original paint finish when required.  A wide variety of colour wraps are available from standard colours to speciality finishes including chrome and gold.  Part wrapping individual panels on your car such as the roof or bonnet is an option some of our clientele have chosen.  We are also up to date on all the current trends and can advise accordingly.  We can also incorporate printable designs into the wrap for advertising etc.

The superior quality of the wraps and the expert application ensures that the appearance and surface structure of the car is equivalent to a regular paint finish and in addition provides protection against general wear and tear preserving any future resale value on the car.

The optimum method of shielding your car against the elements particularly following paintwork enhancement, detailing treatments and to protect a brand new car, is to apply a Paint Protection Film (PPF).  PPF is an innovative self healing film which has an ability to protect a vehicle’s paint work from the majority of stone chips, swirl marks, general light abrasions and it also gives a degree of protection against some keying scratches.

The installation of the PPF is as important as the product itself and in keeping with all of the services we offer, we only employ highly qualified professional craftsmen to execute its application.  Our PPF is guaranteed for up to five years against cracking, discolouration or lifting, provided that the instructions regarding correct maintenance have been adhered to.

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Prestige Storage Facility

No matter what make or model, every vehicle entrusted to us is given the same care and attention to detail.  Our storage facility is purpose designed, secure, de-humidified and fully insured to look after your pride and joy in the best possible conditions.

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Engine Tuning

At PHILIP IRELAND PERFORMANCE CARS we understand and share the car enthusiasts' passion for performance and desire to therefore extract maximum power from their cars' engine.

We have a range of superb high end products for mapping, testing and fabrication, which we have specifically selected for being the front runners in each particular field.  Our experienced specialists have extensive technical knowledge and the ability to produce outstanding results.

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Paintwork Detailing and Interior Refinements

Road contaminates and poor or incorrect washing techniques result in damage and imperfections in your car’s paintwork.  If we feel, after a thorough appraisal of your car, that a full detail would be highly beneficial in the marketing process, we will introduce you to the various levels of detailing services we offer.

Levels of detailing range from the simple protection detail, regularly used by many of our clientele for general maintenance, through to a complete enhancement or correction detail which will give a mirror-like finish to the car’s paintwork, revealing the clear coat (lacquer) and ultimately superseding the car’s factory finish.

The interior of a car is also integral to its overall look and feel.  Over time the leather can start to look faded, dirty or worn, caused by a variety of factors even in cars with very low mileage.  At PHILIP IRELAND PERFORMANCE CARS using professional techniques we recondition, re-connolise or re-trim the leather in any colour to aesthetically restore the look and feel of the damaged area.

Read more about our custom interiors.

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Window Tinting

Tinted windows offer both visual appeal, sun protection and a level of privacy and security.  We have a wide range of tinted automotive films to choose from, all work is thoroughly checked during and after installation and our specialist technicians use the latest techniques to produce a pristine finish.

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"Superior quality vehicle wraps dramatically alter a car's image without the loss of its original identity. The benefit of protection to the original paint finish is equivalent to the application of Paint Protection Film."

"An enhancement, correction or maintenance detail completely transforms a car. The mirror like finish achieved is second to none, ultimately restoring a car to its factory finish, if not surpassing it!" 

"The impact created by a car with pristine bodywork is incomparable. We insist that all repairs carried out by us are finished to an impeccable standard."