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Vehicle Enhancements - Parts

PHILIP IRELAND PERFORMANCE CAR SPECIALISTS offer an extensive range of high quality parts and accessories to compliment and enhance any car.  The addition of Carbon Fibre, Ceramic Brake Kits, the latest top of the range Performance Exhaust Systems, Alloy Wheels and Premium Tyres are a small selection of the vast array of parts we have available.

Alloy Wheels and Premium High Performance Tyres

Whatever your requirements, you can feel safe in the knowledge, that we will be able to source and fit any alloy wheel, both the latest Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) and aftermarket wheels are available from a selection of leading manufacturers. Examples of the aftermarket wheels we stock include, ADV1, BC Forged, Kahn Design, Niche and Novitec.  

We acknowledge that tyre quality has a huge part to play in the overall performance of any car. Accordingly PHILIP IRELAND PERFORMANCE CARS offer a wide range of premium high performance tyres.  All tyres are specifically selected to adhere to the high standards of manufacturer’s specifications.  We only install tyres designed for optimum performance specific to each model of car.  All of which have naturally gone through countless innovation and research techniques resulting in the highest level of performance possible.

Brands include Bridgestone, Continental, Goodyear Dunlop, Michelin, Pirelli.

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Ceramic Brake Kits

PHILIP IRELAND PERFORMANCE CARS offer a range of Ceramic Braking Systems that give car and tuning enthusiasts the opportunity to significantly enhance the braking performance of their cars.  By replacing the original braking system with top of the range ceramic products designed specifically for upgrading performance cars, everyone can now experience superior braking capabilities.

All braking kits come with original factory painted calipers showing off the manufacturer’s logo.  However, if you wish to upgrade your calipers and give them a stand out and unique appearance, we recommend you choose one of our ultra high temperature anodising or painted options to the colour and effect of your choosing, which will truly individualise the look of your car.

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Performance Exhaust Systems

A sports exhaust system is an essential part of the customisation of any car, both in appearance and more importantly in sound and performance.  Listed below are a small selection of some of the performance exhaust systems that we recommend and are popular with our clientele.  If an exhaust system required isn’t listed below, please contact us, as we are able to supply all performance car systems.


  • Unique refined sound
  • High pitched resonance
  • Manufactured in Europe
  • Lighter weight titanium
  • Unsurpassed build quality
  • High resale value on used systems
  • Carbon Fibre exhaust tips as standard
  • Remote control system (optional remote)


  • Higher pitched F1-type sound at the top end
  • Superior titanium welding and lightweight system
  • Noticeable power and torque gains
  • Remote control system (optional remote)


  • Manufactured in Europe
  • Extremely high standards of build quality - stainless steel
  • Deep resonance
  • Remote control system (optional remote)

NB. We offer installation of any of the exhaust systems we sell, only by highly trained professional technicians.

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Performance Suspension

Performance suspension plays an integral part in the handling of any car.  If your car is a daily driver, used for performance or solely on the track, we can supply a top of the range suspension kit to fulfill your requirements.  PHILIP IRELAND PERFORMANCE CARS only supply high end performance parts.  From lowered or uprated springs to adjustable coilover kits, brands include Ohlins, KW Suspension and Bilstein.  If your suspension upgrade is primarily focused on enhancing your car’s handling to its highest level or solely for aesthetic purposes to create a noticeable visual impact from a lowered stance, we can provide the necessary suspension components required.

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Vehicle Facelift Conversions and Custom Interiors

A demand for enhancements to the existing styling and bodywork of performance cars, in particular Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) facelift modifications after existing model upgrades become available, has resulted in hours spent in research, development and refinement of body kits to achieve the upgraded look.  PHILIP IRELAND PERFORMANCE CARS have carried out numerous facelift conversions to our clients cars.  Examples of the facelift upgrades we have completed include an Audi R8 V8 into an Audi R8 V10 Plus, a Lamborghini LP-560 into a Lamborghini LP-570 Performante, and a Lamborghini Aventador into a Lamborghini Aventador SV.

If you prefer something unique, acute attention to detail means that every aftermarket body product we offer has been developed to perfectly match and integrate with the original aesthetics of the car.  The result is an upgraded look that enhances the car through styling, technology and aerodynamic performance but without relinquishing its original lines.

We also offer full upgrades to the interior of a car.  In order to personalise and custom build a car to our client’s specification, we offer a range of options using only the finest materials and top of the range in-car entertainment systems.  These are all fitted by only highly specialised craftsmen.

Available options:

  • Genuine OEM and aftermarket exterior body parts
  • Carbon Fibre accessories for exterior and interior
  • Interior upgrades to include upgrading of seats, full leather re-trims, changing of interior components to Carbon Fibre, Polished Aluminium, Grand Piano Black or even leather to match the interior
  • Personalisation such as names or company logos stitched into seat headrests or velour floor mats
  • Full in-car entertainment systems
  • Reversing cameras
  • Parking sensors
  • Bluetooth hands-free kits

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"Alloy wheels and premium high performance tyres have a substantial effect on both the performance and visual impact of a car.  The variety of styles and finishes available afford the opportunity to individualise any car."

"The installation of a ceramic brake kit, provides a significant performance upgrade to a car's braking system. Calipers, whether OEM branded wth the manufacturer's logo, customised or colour coded, add to the aesthetic value of a car."

"The installation of a performance exhaust system is an instant means of ensuring a car creates a distinctive and long lasting impression, by endowing it with a noticable high performance sound. The benefit of additional power increases make this an ultimate catalyst for car transformation."